We aim to shape a new digital economy built on a network of digital experiences (metaverses), offering funding, technical frameworks, and thought leadership. We will foster a network of diverse, engaging metaverses, enabling free movement and economic value sharing between them. This must be open to all, not controlled by any single entity, encouraging value creation and sharing. We believe this will create a more equitable and fulfilling experience for everyone.

About Us

Virtual Society Foundation is an independent organization initiated by Improbable, a British start-up that has been at the forefront of building virtual worlds for over a decade. The VSF received initial funding from MSquared, an ecosystem of interoperable metaverses. The foundation will complement Improbable and MSquared’s vision of an open, community-owned metaverse. The VSF is working on a blockchain and set of protocols that will bring the metaverse together under the same framework. The project’s launch and upcoming Betanet will be rolling out soon, followed by the Testnet launch and journey towards decentralization. Welcome to the Virtual Society Foundation - Where the New Virtual Society Begins.


Grant Programs

We allocate funds for research and development initiatives led by third parties, addressing key ecosystem challenges.


Advocacy and Education

We strive to promote metaverse technology and facilitate its widespread adoption.


Joint Funding Initiatives

We collaborate with other projects and foundations, pooling resources for further ecosystem research and development.


Research and Development

We are dedicated to exploring pivotal aspects of metaverse development, such as network dynamics, governance models, experiential technology, and more.